Make the very most of staying in

There are many reasons to love being at home and enjoy some quality time spent on new hobbies and pastimes. 

Finding yourself with free time at home can mean binge-watching that show you’ve been hearing about or getting through some of those books that have been sitting on the shelf for ages. For many of us, it’s a time to get creative and enjoy the mindful benefits of making things ourselves, whether that’s painting or drawing, cookery or blending personal fragrances. 

It’s a perfect opportunity to explore the world of perfume - as well as our at-home Scent Creator device being fun, and easy to use, our 34 Scent Discovery Kit provides a gorgeous aromatherapeutic journey through lush, fascinating ingredients to take you out of the mundane. Close your eyes and take a deep breath of cool freshly cut green grass, creamy sandalwood or bracing marine breeze. Blend your favourites with just the right proportions and create a sumptuous, unforgettable perfume!

We’ve been hearing from The Alchemist Atelier Club members who are experimenting with their Scent Creators at home, designing and creating their own bespoke fragrances at home with friends and loved ones. Turning your own home into a creative perfume atelier is a fantastic way to create things but also to enjoy the process - learning, exploring and discovering the fundamental principles of perfume.

Join our growing community of at-home perfumers today, with your Scent Creator delivered for free within the EU with a 30-day money-back guarantee returns policy. Our perfume experts are always available to help you online, with tutorials and consultations free to The Alchemist Atelier club members.