in all accessories and cartridges when purchasing a Scent Creator


Discovery Kit - Experiment and discover in 2020

Discover perfume like never before with scents curated to perfection - free with Scent Creator Purchase throughout January.


Don’t limit your imagination. Discover the world of possibilities with our Discovery Kit - you’ll never think of perfume the same way.


Make 2020 a year of discovery and adventure, with The Alchemist Atelier. Right now we are gifting our indispensable Discovery Kit with every Scent Creator purchased in January. With our Scent Discovery Kit, you can explore and play, with expertly made scents that combine in infinite ways, so you can be your most creative.


What is the Discovery Kit?

With our exclusive Scent Creator technology, you use Scent Cartridges to blend unique, personal fragrances of exceptional quality. Your Discovery Kit provides you with a 5ml sampler of our complete library of 34 bases and accords, so you can decide which ones to order next!


What’s in it?

Our Scent Cartridges are divided into Bases and Accords. Our 16 Bases are complex, refined blends of ingredients - take White Chypre for example, with its lush blend of Jasmine, Patchouli, Lily of the Valley and Cedarwood, or Zesty Citrus, with its perfect balance of Bergamot, Lavender, Dry woods and Ginger. Our Bases have been curated and perfected by master perfumers to provide the foundations of your personal fragrances.


Our 18 Accords are more specific accent notes, which combine in top, middle and base notes to create true individuality. You can find stunning top notes that turn heads like Cut Green Grass with Freesia, Violet Leaves and Wild Grasses, or sophisticated Spicy Fresh, with Cardamom, Pepper and Cedarwood. Heart or base notes for lasting impact include sensual blends like Soft Musk that combines Musk, Red Fruits and Woods with dazzling effect, or heady Oriental Vanilla with Tonka Bean and Musk.


As you explore and develop your own catalogue of fragrances, storing your formulas on our custom perfumery app as you go, you can use more and more of our Bases and Accords, and combine them in infinite formulas.


You can always find a complete ingredient list for each Base and Accord, as well as a beautiful visual representation of them, on our app. It will also display your blends showing you the proportions of your base, heart and top notes using stunning, easy-to-understand images.